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I approached Rosie because of my stomach pains which I had almost every morning as well as my general well-being. I felt tired all the time and nothing really worked for me.

Rosie helped me with understanding where these issues came from and what I could do to feel better. Rosie gave me a lot of suggestions and I chose what works for me and implemented it in my everyday meals. I can now help myself through choosing the right supplements and food.

I would recommend Rosie to anyone who has a specific problem or anyone who would like to support their health through everyday food and supplements. I found the experience with Rosie to be very educational and she made me feel very comfortable.


I approached Rosie because I had been suffering for years with digestive problems. My symptoms were extreme, restrictive and constant but after trying every avenue I could think of my health was still deteriorating. I needed specialist, alternative treatment.

Rosie helped me by providing a tailor-made, effective service that was friendly and non-judgmental. The result was a massive improvement in my symptoms which improved my quality of life and gave me hope for the future. One thing I liked was how much support I received during my treatment and how extensive Rosie’s knowledge really is! I knew what treatment I was getting and the theory behind it. I found the experience to be a real eye opener. There was this whole powerful world of nutrition introduced to me!

I would recommend Rosie to people who need hope that chronic illness can be managed in an alternative way.


I first came to Rosie because I was suffering with eczema and asthma, she helped me to understand the mechanisms behind these conditions and how they might be affecting my unexplained infertility. My symptoms definitely improved in the time I saw Rosie. She also helped me to get in a better nutritional state for getting pregnant again and really opened my eyes as to how much of a deficit having one baby can put you! Thank you so much for your help Rosie

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