Meet Rosie Weston

Women's Health Specialist

Hi, I'm Rosie!

I am so passionate about helping couples create the healthy happy family that they have been dreaming of, whether they have just decided they want a baby or have been trying for a long time. I do this by helping women with their menstrual cycle and reproductive health using nutrition and lifestyle advice to support their hormonal balance.

I originally trained in fashion design at the London College of Fashion. Nutrition came to me at a part of my life where I was struggling with gut, skin and hormone problems. My fatigue was at an all time high, and my own mental health was struggling. I didn’t feel I was getting the answers I needed from the NHS as I wasn't getting any better and so took matters into my own hands and enrolled at CNM. I love using my creative streak to design recipes and delicious food for my clients. My creativity means I think outside of the box.

I spent 3 intense years studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, included in my training were 200 clinical hours where I observed and took part in 100s of cases. I am BANT registered (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine) which means I have to do a certain amount of continued professional development each year. I have recently undergone additional fertility and genetic testing training and love supporting women with their period problems,  pre-conception and fertility. I am also registered on the CNHC register which is a government register for complementary health practitioners. 

I am here to support and care for you along your journey to better health. I want to help you create optimum health for you and your family.


When working together we will start by taking an in-depth look at your medical and family history as well as any signs and symptoms you may be presenting with. I will be looking for the root cause of your problems. Nutritional therapy is so much more than the food you put on your plate. Together we will look at your diet, lifestyle, mind-set, hormones, any test results and diagnosed health conditions and work out how best to support these to help you achieve the healthy happy family of which you have always dreamt. Nothing could make me happier than helping you to achieve this.


I practise in Croydon and East Grinstead but consult with people all over the country via email and video call so wherever you are in the world please get in touch via the contact section below to arrange a free 15 minute discovery call.


Why Nutritional Therapy?

It can help with


Many people suffer from gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation or diarrhoea. Together we can look at ways to support and heal your digestive system.


Is fatigue running your life? Do you feel tired getting up in the morning? Dread the mid afternoon dip?


Are you struggling to conceive, all out of ideas and thinking about or going through IVF? 

Women's Health

Do you dread your cycle every month? Periods don't have to be painful or a nuisance. Did you know the pill can deplete many essential vitamins and minerals? Let's work together to repair these imbalances before conception.


Detoxification pre-pregnancy may help you achieve optimal reproductive wellness.


Do you feel like stress is getting the better of you? A balanced diet can help combat the impact of stress.


Each of my packages lasts for a minimum of 12 weeks. You might ask why? Well it takes 3 months to start seeing seeing real results from nutrition and lifestyle interventions. When it comes to preconception care it takes around 3 months for a new egg and batch of sperm to be produced. When coming off the pill it can take a few months for your hormones to rebalance. So sticking with it for at least 12 weeks will get you results. The kind of results you are looking for don’t just happen overnight. It takes time to form new habits and learn about a healthier way of life. After all this is a lifestyle change to improve the health of you and your future family.

Silver Restore Package
Gold Nourish Package
Platinum Balance Package


I approached Rosie because I was suffering from daily stomach pains and felt tired all the time. I had tried various things but nothing had worked for me. Rosie helped me to understand the root of my problems and together we worked on this, Rosie had so many ideas that I was able to implement the ones that worked for me. With the education that I have gained from our time together, I feel that I can now make healthy choices. I felt at ease the whole time we worked together. I would recommend seeing Rosie if you have a specific health condition that needs supporting or even for general day to day support. Rosie is  great educator.

— Magdalena Sadzik July 2018

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Arrange a free 15 minute discovery call. We can go over your concerns and find out if we are the right fit for each other. Please fill in the below form or send me an email at

Now taking bookings at The Wellness Therapy Centre Croydon.

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