Enhance Your Egg Health the Group Programme, the first of its kind, interactive group course to teach you exactly what you need to do to enhance your egg (and sperm) health in order to increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy. 


Following my successful Fertility to Family Framework that has helped countless couples achieve their healthy happy family.


  • Even if you are scared of making diet changes

  • Are about to embark on your next/last round of IVF and worried about spending more money

  • Not sure what to do because all your test results are ‘normal’

  • Worried about changing what you are already doing in case it finally ‘works’​

Enhance Your Egg Health

The Group Programme

Tell me, is this you..?

You’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while now, you know you need to work on your egg health so you can get pregnant with ease. You are fed up of feeling overwhelmed, the never ending Google searches that leave you feeling confused. What you really need is clear concise easy to digest information which is backed by science.

You don’t know what to do anymore, you feel like you have tried ‘everything’, you don’t know who to turn to or trust. You feel like your fertility is completely out of your control, you’re feeling stressed and defeated. What you really want is to feel confident about your ability to get pregnant, you want to understand how the changes you are making can actually help, you want to stop all the things you are doing, stop the overwhelm and finally feel in control of your fertility journey. 


You’ve been wondering if your problematic periods, poor gut health or lack of good quality sleep have anything to do with your fertility struggles. You want to try working on your whole health first before resorting to IVF as the idea scares you. You want to know you are doing everything you possibly can to enhance your fertility naturally. You also want to be in the best health ever in case you do need to have IVF so you can improve your chances of that embaby sticking. 


Or maybe you’ve had a few unsuccessful rounds of IUI or IVF already and you want to give this next/last round your best shot. You’ve heard stories about how nutrition can improve egg health/ number of eggs retrieved and want to try it out. You want to feel confident you are doing all you can to improve your fertility. 

Surprised Pregnant Woman

How would you feel if..

You could understand your cycle and the biology behind getting pregnant so you were better prepared to speak to your fertility doctors. You feel confident you can track ovulation from your bodily symptoms instead of spending £££ on ovulation sticks. You feel confident in your body’s ability to get and stay pregnant. You know that if you do need IVF your'e giving yourself the best chance of success. 


You finally understand what and how to eat for your fertility. You feel excited by food again and not restricted. Because of this your energy and mood improve too. You feel in control of your fertility journey because you know everyday you have 3 opportunities to improve your egg/sperm/hormone health. 


You stopped feeling guilty about not going for that run, not taking that spin class. You started listening to your body and it's needs. The coffee and alcohol guilt is gone, you are sleeping better and actually having fun again. You’ve found a new outlook on your fertility journey and don’t feel like its holding you back anymore. 


You understand the importance of detoxing your life and have cheat sheets to help you achieve this. You feel better about the choices you are making not just for your egg health but you know reducing your toxic load is supporting our precious planet too. 


You could stop wondering what was wrong with you, why your body wasn’t working ‘properly’. You had tried and tested techniques to help you improve several areas of your health that have been bothering you for years. The bloating, constipation and diarrhoea are a thing of the past. That recurrent BV infection is long gone. You finally understand how to lose the weight and keep it off. 


You are able to cultivate a fresh look at your life, you now have fail safe coping techniques to move you forwards, you've stopped being stuck. You found comfort in a group of other women who are on the same journey as you. 

Week 1

Trying to Conceive

Understanding the biology behind getting pregnant, back to school biology refresh, optimising/ tracking your cycle, the egg & sperm cycles, the WHY and how it all works.

Week 2

Egg & Sperm Diet

How we can use what we eat everyday to improve our egg/ sperm health. What the perfect fertility diet looks like, how to eat for balanced hormones and better energy. Where else do you have 3 opportunities each day to enhance your fertility?

Week 3

Egg & Sperm Lifestyle

How much alcohol is ok? Should my partner quit smoking, drugs/medications, how much exercise is ok or not ok? Improving your sleep, having fun plus so much more.

Week 4

Toxins & Egg Health

We will look at each area of your home and life and come up with alternative practices, so you can detox your life. Why I don’t recommend ‘cleanses’ or ‘detoxes’ when TTC.

Week 5

Whole Body Health

Why getting and staying pregnant is about more than your reproductive organs. This class will be created to support the needs of the group. We will cover some of the following: gut health, vaginal health, PCOS, endo, PMS, weight gain/loss, autoimmunity.

Week 6

Guest expert session from Alice Rose - Fertility Mindset Mentor

You’ll discover new ways to curate your own, bespoke ‘fertility life raft’. This is your toolbox of strategies; fail-safe coping techniques and always-there must have tricks to make sure you’ve got something to hang onto, whatever happens in your life.

Enhance Your Egg Health

- the Group Programme, 

6 weeks to better fertility outcomes


Pay now to secure your spot. Limited spaces available.

Mother with her Baby

Have you ever...

...walked out of a class or finished a book and felt incredibly motivated and ready to make change? Now think back to what happened a few days later, did the motivation last?

That's what Enhance Your Egg Health the Group Programme is designed to do.  It recognises that we all need a little help, that nudge, to keep us focussed on the most important work instead of getting distracted by everything on Google, discouraged by each negative pregnancy test and giving up because nothing you are doing is ‘working’. Enjoy 6 weeks of solid motivation. 


I know that getting pregnant has been hard so far for you, no one teaches you that, no one told you how important your whole body health, nutrition and lifestyle would be. At worst, you’ve probably been given bad if not dangerous advice from those blogs on the internet, in Facebook groups, that could have even hurt your chances of getting pregnant or made your hormonal imbalances worse.


If you’ve taken the time to read this today, it’s clear you really want to make change. You have 3 choices right now. 


1. You can continue believing this isn’t going to help you, you can continue searching for that 1 quick fix.


2. You can continue trying to ‘figure’ it out yourself, but where will you be in 1 years time?


3. OR you can take action, you can go for it. You can follow a proven plan using tried and tested techniques that have worked to help women/couples exactly like you transform their health and move forwards towards their pregnancy goals quicker. 


From my 1:1 clients and online course.