Fertility Food Club

Eat well, feel great, feed your fertility

Your monthly fertility, meal plan and recipe membership. 

Join a community of likeminded women and couples who get exactly what it feels like when trying to conceive. Each month you will receive a new set of meal plans, recipes and done for you shopping lists to make eating on your fertility journey stress free! There will be a monthly masterclass too and a new opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn from a trusted expert. Cultivate kindness for yourself through feeding your fertility and have a supportive network with you every step of the way.

Tell me...is this you…?



You want to eat right for your fertility but you’ve got no idea where to start

You think healthy food is boring and tasteless


You have tried to change your diet in the past but it never stuck


You’re sick of eating the same old foods week in and week out and feel completely uninspired by food


Your partner is unhappy because you’ve cut loads of things out to support your fertility but its causing arguments and they don’t want to get involved with dietary changes


You’ve heard that you can improve egg and sperm health through food and increase your chances of success but don’t know how to do it


You know you should eat more vegetables but just find it so hard to incorporate


You are looking to prepare your body for IVF. Whether it’s your first or last round you are ready to throw everything at it


You want to feel in control of your ttc journey again and to trust that the actions you are taking to prepare your body for pregnancy are working for you not against you


You’re excited at the idea of working with a group of likeminded fertility warriors to support and encourage each other to get that one step closer to your pregnancy goals


 You're ready to feel motivated, organised and inspired by food again


If you’ve ticked any of those boxes then the Fertility Food Club is perfect for you

This membership will help you

  • Feel less stressed out at meal times by giving you a fertility friendly meal plan to follow each week


  • Become super organised in the kitchen by providing you with a shopping list and recipes, all you have to do is your weekly food shop


  • Fall in love with food, feel inspired in the kitchen and regain your interest in cooking


  • You and your partner to enjoy food again, no more arguments or disagreements at meal times


  • Feel confident with your food choices and expand the variety of foods you eat


  • Join a community of supportive like minded women with common goals who will encourage and support you every step of the way

  • Expand your knowledge and improve your health through the monthly masterclass


  • Work with an Nutritional Therapist at a fraction of the cost of 1:1



You'll Get

  • 4 weeks worth of meal plans

  • New recipes

  • Shopping lists

  • A supportive like minded community to cheer you on

  • A new masterclass 

  • A live Q&A session

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Real Food, Cooked By Real People

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Founder of The Fertility Food Club

Hi I'm Rosie, a Registered Fertility Nutritional Therapist


I help women and couples just like you who are on their journey to parenthood. Regardless of what stage you are at I can help you to enhance your fertility naturally through food and take back control of your reproductive health and pregnancy journey.

I created the Fertility Food Club because I saw how much my clients and those in the TTC community were struggling when it came to eating right for their fertility. I saw so many people doing their best but still struggling and I came to realise that many people really needed more information on how to eat in a healthy and sustainable way.


There is so much misinformation out there in our community and I've seen so much bad advice being given by those who are just trying to help. I wanted to create a place where you could come and feel safe, trust that the information you were reading was backed up by evidence and not myth and be confident that the foods you are eating are supporting your health.

I'm a big believer that food is one of life's greatest pleasures and when we aren't enjoying food there is a huge amount of pleasure we are missing out on. I studied nutrition because of my love for food and I want to show you that healthy eating doesn't need to be boring, that you can fall back in love with food and look forward to every meal. 


Do I get to keep the recipes?

Yes! The meal plans, recipes and shopping lists are all made available as a PDF that you can download and keep forever. 

Who is the Fertility Food Club suited to?

To men or women who are on their fertility journey and want to be part of a like minded, supportive, interactive community. For those who want to take the stress away from eating for their fertility and fall back in love with food!

How much does the Fertility Food Club cost?

The investment is £40 per month

Can I join if I have food allergies?

You can join but it will be your responsibility to make sure any recipes you use do not contain the foods to which you are allergic. I cannot be held liable for any food allergies/intolerances. It is impossible to know which foods members are allergic to or have intolerances to and provide substitutes for all of these. I will always try to provide substitute ideas to the main food allergies. 

Can I cancel if this isn’t for me anymore?

Absolutely, you can cancel at any point during your subscription. Once that months content has been made available and payment has been taken you cannot cancel that month but you can cancel your payment plan for the following months and still have access until the end of the month you have paid for.

How much time do I need to commit to the membership?

The idea behind the membership is that it will save you time in the kitchen because you will be prepared with your meal plans. Each recipe cook length will vary. Each training will be between 30-60 minutes per month. 

Are the recipes gluten or dairy free?

All the recipes will be gluten/dairy free or suggest a substitute if required in the recipe.

When does the Fertility Food Club start and finish?

The Fertility Food Club is a monthly recipe and meal plan subscription. It starts as soon as you sign up and ends when you cancel your subscription. Your month will start from the day you sign up and you will be charged monthly on the same date each month. You will get four weeks worth of meal plans from the date you sign up. You will also get access to all the previous meal plans and recipes along with any training videos.

Is there additional 1:1 support?

If you require additional 1:1 support then I urge you to book in with me 1:1. I’m unable to offer any personalised advice on a programme like this as I don’t have any of your personal details or medical history. 

Can vegans or vegetarians join?

Whilst I believe that a plant based diet is very important for fertility many of the recipes do contain meat.