gold nourish package

This package is also 12 weeks long, nutritional therapy isn’t an overnight fix and the best results are seen after following a diet, lifestyle and supplement plan for around 12 weeks.

I want you to feel better which is why I offer packages instead of one off consultations. With one off consultations, you might not see the changes you want quick enough and get disheartened and decide not to book a follow up, you might struggle with the changes you need to make. By spreading it out over several months it makes the whole process much easier, you will have support in between your appointments to make sure that what you are doing is working and if it isn’t no time is wasted before something else can be implemented. The reason I do this as my job is so that I can help you feel your best again. 

The Gold Nourish Package is made up of 6 appointments. There will be an initial appointment with a further 3 follow ups which are roughly 30 minutes long. We will finish with a 45 minute next steps appointment in which we will discuss things you can do for the future to keep you on the path to feeling like you again.

12 week package: £495.00 inc vat
  • Initial 90 minute appointment
  • 30 minute video call appointment x 3
  • 10 minute progress review phone call x 2
  • 45 minute next steps appointment
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