Platinum Balance Package

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I have noticed that some people struggle with what to buy in the supermarket, what swaps to make from their usual buys to healthier choices and so I introduced a healthy shopping trip into this package. Together we can head to the shops and have a look for some healthier options, I will teach you how to read ingredients labels so you can make more informed choices in the future.

The Platinum Balance package is different to my other packages in that it is spread out over 16 weeks instead of 12.  We can take things at a slower pace in this package. You will have appointments more often so that we can make small changes each week that are achievable for you, so that the change become habits and you can make lasting change.


If you are local I also offer with this package a kitchen cupboard clean out, really helping you dive head first into your new healthier way of life. If you are not local we can cover the same information online but you will have to brave the shops alone!

16 week package:£750.00 inc vat

  • Initial 90 minute appointment 

  • 30 minute follow up appointments x 8 (every 2 weeks online)

  • 10 minute progress review phone call x 4

  • 45 minute next steps appointment

  • Kitchen cupboard clean up and shopping trip (only available locally)

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