You've got this far because you know you need help, you're fed up of searching the internet for answers and lying awake at night wondering what to do?

You want to feel better, you want to feel complete again and you want the pain to end.

See a Nutritional Therapist today, let me support you on your fertility journey.

 All of my packages include

  1. An in-dept case history including an assessment of your symptoms, medications, family history and lifestyle.

  2. Analysis of your food diary.

  3. A personalised and individual nutrition and supplement plan, tailor made for you so YOU can start to feel yourself again.

  4. Recommendations for the most up to date comprehensive private tests and analysis of the test results.

  5. Recipes, meal plan ideas, shopping list ideas and handouts of further information and reading.

  6. 15% Discount at the natural dispensary for supplements.

  7. Online or in-person consultations, this means appointments from the comfort of your own home.

  8. Phone support.

Together we can achieve this in any one of the following ways

Silver Restore Package

For those who want less support​, we will start to dive into your health conditions and put nutrition and lifestyle plans in place.

  • 12 weeks

  • 3 appointments

Gold Nourish Package

My most popular package, lets start looking for the root cause of your concerns and learn to make lasting change

  • 12 weeks

  • 5 appointments

Platinum Balance Package

For those who want more support. Is you health more complex or perhaps you just need extra help?

  • 16 weeks

  • 7 appointments

  • Kitchen cupboard cleanup 

  • Healthy foods shopping trip