Silver Restore Package

The Silver Restore package is set over 12 weeks. You will have one initial appointment at the beginning of the 12 weeks. Plus, two follow up appointments, one in the middle and one at the end of the 12 weeks, plus phone support in between.

The initial appointment is about 1 to 1 and a half hours long and during it we will go over a health questionnaire in which I will gather information about all the different systems in your body. In nutritional therapy, we know that all the systems in the body are interconnected and what we are trying to achieve is a balance between all systems.

You might not see how your underactive thyroid is affecting your fertility or why you get migraines before you menstruate but I aim to help you understand and teach you about your body so that you can make the necessary food, lifestyle and supplement changes to improve your health.

There is less support in this package than my others, so this package is better suited to someone who can hold themselves accountable to make change in their life. Don’t worry though I will still be there to support you with our phone catch ups in between appointments so you can keep me updated on anything you are struggling with and if we need to change the way we approach things we will.

Prior to the appointment, you will be sent a food diary to fill in which needs to be sent back prior to your appointment.

The two follow up appointments are roughly 45 minutes each in which we will discuss what changes you have been making, how you have been getting on with these, any new symptoms you may have or ones that have gone away plus new changes to make.

12 week package: £350.00 inc vat
  • Initial 90 minute appointment 
  • 45 minute follow up appointments x 2
  • 10 minute progress review phone call x 2
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